Our IAS 2018 Result with Commerce Optional in IAS (Civil Services) 2017 Exam 

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Commerce(Mains) 2020-21

'Regular Classroom Course'  


Batch 1: 7th June 2019

Time: 11 AM to 1:30 PM

Batch 2 (Two Batches): 16th August 2019

Time: 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 2 PM to 4:30 PM

Batch 3(Two Batches): 1st October 2019

Time: 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 2 PM to 4:30 PM

Face-to-Face classes in Delhi. Online classes at your device.

Fee Rs. 54,000 for both Paper I and II (Includes: Concept & Practice Classes, Complete Study  Material, Regular Class Tests, Two Comprehensive Tests and Discussion on Analytic Questions)

     Flexi-Options of Joining Paper I or Paper II also available:  

         # Paper  I: 36,000 (Includes Classes and Tests of Paper I, Study Material  of both Paper I and Paper II). 

       # Paper  II: 36,000 (Includes Classes and Tests of Paper II, Study Material  of both Paper I and Paper II).

Classes are held Six Days in a Week. Sunday may not be off.

   Features of Regular Classroom-Course:This is most detailed class-room course. It emphasizes coverage of entire syllabus by area experts, with a pace best suited to one’s learning needs. It focuses upon current pattern of exam./questions  & level of competition. Concept focus, regular tests, numerical illustrations, real corporate practices, model answers by teachers, personalized mentoring, current commerce, interactive learning ... are core features of this course. 

Things which are difficult to deliver:

  • Comprehensive, Most Relevant & Complete Study material; 
  • Minimum Dictation & Maximum discussion with student involvement in class; 
  • Extensive mentoring on 'Analytical Questions' in every class; 
  • Practice of lot of numerical questions; 
  • Equivalent attention to all areas of syllabus considering exam requirements & weight; 
  • Regular Chapter Tests, Unit Tests, Comprehensive Tests in the class; 
  • Subject expert/specialists teachers(Minimum Three Teachers); 
  • Most updated and exam oriented course contents with special focus on 'Current Commerce';
  • Strategic Teaching focus( minimum 10% of total Class time);
  • Whole time availability of teacher in institute(post-Class & pre-class).

Postal Course & Test Series also available

[refer separate pages on this site].

'Ramesh Chander Goyal & Sons HUF' 

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Central Bank of India

IFSC Code: CBIN0280406

Our new office address:​ 

8A/37, at Round About, Near Hotel Crown Delux, Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh- DELHI.


How to prepare commerce: video by our qualified student Sourav Jain- follow the following link:  https://youtu.be/4McK7qksyQU


OUR RESULT OF IAS 2016 with Commerce 

Dear all ! Marks of Our Students speak louder than their Ranks. It is combination of their hard-work and scoring nature of Commerce.  

5 candidates got more than 300 marks.

16 Candidates got more than 280 Marks.

30 Candidates got more than 250 Marks.

Details of Candidates getting 240 or more marks are as follows

(see 'our result' page)

Commerce & Accountancy has emerged as a safe optional for Commerce background candidates.

In mains 2015 our three students fetched ranks in top 100( Rank 22, 63 and 93). Total 18 candidates made their positions in the final list. Commerce candidates are performing well by marks also. Average marks have been 240. On the better side marks have been in 270's.

In mains 2014 our students performed well by securing following marks in Commerce:

Priyanka Mehtani 290 ( 147+143). 

Sumant Sharma  290 ( 152+138) 

Amol Deshmukh 284 (138+146)

Sohrab Singh Chauhan 282 ( 141+141) 

Normal range of marks is 240 to 260. Lower side is 220 to 240. Those who took the subject for granted got even 200 on lower side.

Sumit Agrawal AIR 306, got 303 marks(154+149)in commerce, not our student.

In mains 2012 we are proud of RUCHIKA KATYAL  for securing 5th Rank with COMMERCE with 281 marks (Pub adm she got 234).  Our classroom course student Mr. Kartikeyan secured 314 marks in commerce. During past decade the optional has secured large number of ranks in top 30. Some of these are: Rank 6 Ravi Dhawan, Rank 6 Rachita Bhandari, Rank 9 Arvind Agrawal, Rank 10 Khusboo Goyal, Rank 10 Gaurav Goyal, Rank 12......., Rank 13  Sonal Goyal, Rank 13 by Namit Mehta, Rank 16 Om Prakash Kashera, Rank 21 Rahul Gupta Babulal Bhai, Rank 22 Mandeep Kaur, Rank 24 Rahul Jain, Rank 25 Shilpa Gaurisaria, Rank 27 Naveen Jain and so on. Most of these Ranks are secured by our students as reported by us seperately. Besides above, more than 150 ranks are secured by commerce candidates during past 8-10 year.  As per Ravi Dhawan, 6th Ranker " Commerce candidates can secure high marks with optimum amount of study and good guidance. 

 This mains 2012 the score of commerce has been much higher than popular optional. Our student Karthik secured 314 marks in commerce in 2012 main exam. Ruchika Katyal(Rank 5)  got 281 marks in commerce against 234 marks in public administration. Nitin Singhania (Rank 51) got 278 marks in commerce and 272 marks in economics. All background subjects performed well including commerce.  Public administration proved to be tragic for most the candidates as they got poor score in Pub Ad. Most the candidates performed well in commerce.

In the changed pattern, weight of GS marks has doubled. Syllabus has also become multifarious. Really it has become more clear and defined. It includes both Existing and new chapters. It is now a combination of Humanities including Geography, History,  Economy, Polity, Social issues, Administration, Psychology, Philosophy and International issues. 

With Just one optional, the issue arises as to whether to go for Background subject or Humanities subject that has common topics in GS. The choice is easy for Arts background candidate to go for History or Geography. But Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy etc are generally new for most the candidates. These have been popular also. These have largest number of competitors.

Commerce background candidates have ease in this regard. Simply they should go for COMMERCE & ACCOUNTANCY or MANAGEMENT as their optional. The knowledge acquired during past five-seven years should be leveraged to give competition. There is no option with non-commerce candidates to take commerce. Commerce is Soft optional like Humanities, but marks fetching like Mathematics. Commerce is fully objective. No role of opinion or subjectivity. Similar is the nature of Management. Now one can think of being a topper with commerce/management. Earlier the edge of high marks in commerce was reduced by low marks in other optional. 

It is not advisable for Commerce and Management graduate to try new optional. It would be just like inviting competition. They should not dump their knowledge and edge just for the sake of new subject. It looks interesting for first few week to read new subject. Rather, same effort should be put on strengthening commerce or management optional. One can think and achieve 350 + in commerce. It would be difficult in subject of another new domain. Just for reducing GS study for 15-20 days, score & strength of Optional subject should not be compromised.


Ranker's Classes

8A/37, at Round About, Near Hotel Crown Delux,

Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh- DELHI. 

(Class Venue: 2-5 minute walking distance from all GS institutes in Old Rajender Nagar)

(Nearest Metro Station: 'Karol Bagh') 

Call:  9818464467, 9818368606 (R.S. Agrawal)