Intensive Test Series for IAS Mains (Commerce) 2021

Best way to revise and strengthen hold over Commerce Optional

  • Available in Online mode. Either Model answers or Recorded Class Discussion.
  • Detailed evaluation/feedback on each test paper, with full reading of answers.
  • Personalised response to queries on feedback by examiner.

Starting 25th December 2020

Ending 31st March 2021

Total 62 Tests(50 Chapter Tests, 10 Subject Tests, 2 Comprehensive Tests)

Chapter Tests will be conducted 5 to 6 times a week. Duration 20-30 Minutes. Marks 30-40 per Test. Evaluation within 36 to 48 hours. Weekly Test Schedule mailed in advance.

Subject Test will be conducted after completion of each subject like OT. Duration 60 Minutes. 80 Marks. Evaluation within 48 hours to 72 hours.

Comprehensive Tests will be Conducted after Preliminary Examination 2021. Duration 3 hours. 250 marks each.

Fee: Existing Students: Rs. 25500. New Students: Rs. 28500.

Detailed Test Schedule for Intensive Test Series (Exact date for next chapter test will be communicated in each current mail or weekly in advance)

Subject in SequenceNumber of TestsTentative Calendar(Subject to change as per situational demands)
1. Organisation Theory7 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test on all chapters of OT.25 Dec to 5 Jan. Starting with Chapter 1. Five to Six Chapter Tests per week @ one chapter test per day. Subject test on 5th January.
2. Organisation Behaviour7 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.6 Jan to 17 Jan on above pattern of OT.
3. Human Resource Mgt7 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.18 Jan to 28 January.
4. Industrial Relations7 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.29 Jan to 10 Feb. 
5. Financial Management8 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.11 Feb to 26 Feb. 

6. Audit
3 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.27 Feb to 5 March. 
7. Cost Accounting5 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.6 March to 16 March.
8. Financial Accounting4 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.17 March to 25 March.
9. Income Tax4 Chapter Tests, 1 Subject Test.26 March to 31 March.
Comprehensive TestsTwo Tests. To be held August 2021 after Prelims 2021 examination.
Financial Markets & InstitutionsNo individual tests to be conductedTo be covered with Comprehensive tests of Paper I

Account Details:

<span style=" trebuchet=""><span style=" font-weight=" font-weight"="">For bank details please call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467, after mailing your admission form.

Mechanism of conducting Tests:

  • Question paper-cum-answer sheet is sent to students through email at prescribed time.
  • Students have to write test on ordinary paper, scan the answer by using smartphone and send us the answer-sheet at
  • We evaluate the test within 36 hours to 72 hours and mail back the evaluated copy with remarks for improvements, besides marks. Model answers are also sent.
  • Interaction with Teachers: Students may ask their academic queries 'related to tests only' though mail at, call or whatsapp or sms at 9818368606 (3 pm to 6 pm daily, except Sundays).  For administrative/technical queries call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467  between 11 am to 5 pm.

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Test Series for IAS Mains (Commerce) 2020 

Available in Online and Face-to-face(if permitted by govt) mode.

Either Model answers or Class Discussion.

Detailed evaluation/feedback on each test paper, with full reading of answers.

Personalised response to queries on feedback by examiner.

Starting 10th October 2020

Orientation lectures on 10th October. It includes two recorded lectures and thereafter one live interaction with RS Agrawal on Google Meet to address individual issues and concerns emerged after watching above two recorded sessions. Live session to be held on 11th October at 8:00 pm.

Total 10 Tests( Written 8, Interactive 2):

Two Live Interactive Tests will be conducted on Google Meets to assess and build answer writing skills on October 14(OT-OB) and October 28(FM-FIs) at 8:00 PM. Duration 90 to 120 minutes each.

  Test Series Schedule(8 Written Tests) for Mains 2020

Test No.

Date & Time






16 October, 2020
2 pm to 5 pm



3 Hr



30 October, 2020
2 pm to 5 pm



3 Hr



10 November 2020
2 pm to 5 pm



3 Hr



24 November, 2020
2 pm to 5 pm


FA, CA, Audit

3 Hr



30 November, 2020
2 pm to 5 pm


Paper I  Comprehensive

3 Hr



8 December, 2020
2 pm to 5 pm


Paper II  Comprehensive

3 Hr



24 December 2020
9 am to 12 Noon


Paper I  Comprehensive

3 Hr



24 December 2020
2 pm to 5 pm


Paper II  Comprehensive

3 Hr


 More the number of comprehensive tests, better the performance in final examination.
1. Online students may write their tests by midnight on test day. Test may be written late with prior approval, not exceeding 48 hours.  2. Income tax will be covered with comprehensive tests only.
Following additional things may be provided to Test Series students without any fee charge: 
1. Video lectures on Current Affairs on Commerce  2. Commando tests on numericals of paper I. 
Fee: New Candidates: Rs. 15,500.  Existing Students Rs. 12,500.
Admission Process

Admission form for online test series. Please fill the form and mail the scanned copy at and deposit requisite fee in bank account details given below:-

Account Details:

For bank details please call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467, after mailing your admission form.

 Procedure of Online or Postal Test Series:

1. Start preparing as per test schedule given above. Tests papers and model answer sheets shall be sent to the student (at e-mail id given by the student) upto 5 PM on the day fixed for the Test. 

2. Write your test in one sitting, taking standard time prescribed in the test paper. Thereafter, mail your answer sheet only at Quality of Scan should be good. 

3. Your copy will be evaluated 'onscreen digitally' with 4 to 7 days and sent back through e-mail. Detailed Remarks will be given by teacher on quality, quantity, relevance and flow etc of the answers written. Student may see clarifications on remarks given the teacher, in case remarks are not understood or workable by the student.

The approach of the Interactive Tests is as follows:

  1. Test paper and answer sheet are of same conventional nature. But students are not required to write answers in detail.
  2. Rather, all the questions are taken one-by-one. At first students are given 4 to 10 minutes for each question (depending upon size of answer and marks) to prepare major skeleton (or structure) of the answer in points form or briefly(on the criteria given in question paper).
  3. Once it is done, teacher asks students about major points they have written besides flow thereof.
  4. Rectification is done by the teacher on the spot about contents of answer and approach to writing. Here teacher guides about relevance/irrelevance/ correctness/errors and flow of contents written and spoken by the student.
  5. Thereafter, teacher discusses model answer. Now teacher and student can expect better answers in the ‘written test’ to be held within week. 

Ranker's Classes

8A/37, at Round About, Hotel Crown Delux Building,

Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh- DELHI. 

(Class Venue: Old Rajender Nagar Market. 2-4 minute walking distance from all GS institutes in Old Rajender Nagar)

(Nearest Metro Station: 'Karol Bagh') 

Call:  9818464467, 9818368606 (R.S. Agrawal)