IAS Mains (Commerce) 2019

Test Series: Starting 15 June 2019.

 Total 10 Tests (6 Written Tests & 4 Interactive Tests)

(Admissions opening 3rd June 2019)  

Link for Evaluated Test Copy of our highest scorer Ritika   Paper I  Paper  II

Link for Best answer sheet on OT OB ( Held on 24th June 2019) 

Link for Best answer sheet on TAX - FM ( Held on 8th July 2019) 

Link for Best answer sheet on FA-CA-AUDIT ( Held on 22nd July 2019) 

Link for Best answer sheet on HRM-IRs ( Held on 5th August 2019) 

Admission form  for postal/online test series candidates  

Please fill the form and mail the scanned copy at   rankersias@gmail.com

and deposit requisite fee in bank account( bank details at end of this page).

Cash, Cheque and Demand Draft also accepted.

[Limited Seats. Admission on First Come - First Serve Basis.]

Test series Schedule: IAS mains 2019

Test No.

Date & Time






15 June
2 pm to 6 pm


OT OB (Interactive)

4 Hr



24 June
2 pm to 5 pm


OT OB (Written)

Link  for Best Copy 

3 Hr



29 June
2 pm to 6 pm


FM (Interactive)

4 Hr



8 July
2 pm to 5 pm


FM, Tax (Written)

GST Notes,  

Tax Updates 

3 Hr



13 July
2 pm to 6 pm


FA, CA, Audit (Interactive)

Ind AS in Brief Link

4 Hr



22 July
2 pm to 5 pm


FA, CA, Audit (Written)

3 Hr



27 July
2 pm to 6 pm


HRM, IR (Interactive)

4 Hr



5 August
2 pm to 5 pm


HRM, IR (Written)

3 Hr



16 August
2 pm to 5 pm


 Paper I  Comprehensive

3 HR



26 August
2 pm to 5 pm


 Paper II Comprehensive

3 HR



Commando Practice of 36 Numerical Questions in Paper I:- (This is in addition to above 10 tests). There will be 6 such tests with 6 numerical questions each. Test syllabus will be given separately. These tests will be chapter-wise or for group of chapters. Model & detailed solutions will be provided immediately after the test. Candidates are expected to tally solutions at their own. Teacher evaluation not needed for Commando Tests. In the regular test series detailed evaluation of the test papers will be done by teachers. There is no additional fee charge of commando tests for those enrolled for the test series. For others, fee charge is Rs. 6000.       Link for Command Test Schedule 

Three Commando tests on FM are given below (link)

1. Ratio Analysis; Cash Flow & Funds Flow Analysis

2. Working Capital Management & Capital Budgeting

3. CoC, CSP and Dividend Policy question

Three Commando tests on Cost Accounting are given below (link)

04. Cost Sheet, Job, ABC, Process

05. Marginal Costing CVP Analysis 

06. Budgetary Control & Standard Costing

Two Commando tests on Financial Accounting are given below (link)

07. Issue of Shares, Bonus, Right, Buyback

08. Final Accounts & Amalagamation

(Solutions to above tests will be mailed only after attempting these tests. Please put your request by mail at   rankersias@gmail.com  We may ask for proof of writing the test).


Interactive Tests: Background and concept 


  • Generally 9 to 10 tests are announced in conventional test series. Students join with a commitment that he/she will write all the tests and get performance improved. But, practically an average of 3 to 5 tests are written by the student. It is primarily on account of imbalance between test schedule and study schedule of the student besides time pressure to prepare of GS along with optional subject. Thereby student realizes value less than half the fee paid.
  • A test series without detailed guidance by the teacher is harmful for confidence and learning of the candidate. Conventional test series is fault-finding by nature. It generally makes the student falsely feel that his knowledge and writing skills are poor. Test series need to be a training session. If a ‘live test’ session is conducted by the teacher (before actual test), students can perform better in the written test. We call it interactive test.

Concept and Approach of Interactive Tests

As the name signifies, the test session is interactive between the teacher and students. In this interaction teacher aims at explaining exact demand of the question besides contents and flow of the answer. Students are expected to stay fully prepared before the Interactive tests, not compulsorily.

The approach of ‘Interactive Test’ is as follows:

1. Test paper and answer sheet are of same conventional nature. But students are not required to write answers in detail.

2. Rather, all the questions are taken one-by-one. At first students are given 4 to 10 minutes for each question (depending upon size of answer and marks) to prepare major skeleton (or structure) of the answer in points form or briefly.

3. Once it is done, teacher asks students about major points they have written besides flow thereof.

4. Rectification is done by the teacher on the spot about contents of answer and approach to writing. Here teacher guides about relevance/irrelevance/correctness/errors and flow of contents written and spoken by the student.

5. Thereafter, teacher discusses model answer.

6. In this manner all the questions are taken, one-by-one.

          Now teacher and student can expect better answers in the ‘written test’ to be held within a week. 

Procedure of Online or Postal Test Series:

1. Deposit the requisite fee in our bank account mentioned below. Payment may be made through online payment gateway. Thereafter, SMS or Email your payment details and other Details ( like Name, Address with PIN code, Email-id, attempt year, UPSC roll Number) at 9818464467 or rankersias@gmail.com.

         link for Admission form   for postal test series candidates. 

Please fill the form and mail the scanned copy at rankersias@gmail.com

2. Start preparing as per test schedule given above. Tests papers and model answer sheets shall be sent to the student through on e-mail id given by the student, by 5 PM on the day fixed for Test. 

3. Write your test in one sitting taking time prescribed in the test paper. Thereafter, Send your answer sheet (Hard Copy preferred) by courier at our address.  In case of shortage of time, scanned copy of answer sheet may be sent at rankersias@gmail.com. Quality of Scan should be good. it is advised to use 'Camscanner'  app for scanning.

4. Your copy will be evaluated with 5 to 7 days and sent back through courier ( or  scanned copy through e-mail in case of urgency). Detailed Remarks will be given by teacher on quality, quantity, relevance and flow etc of the answers written. Student may see clarifications on remarks given the teacher, in case remarks are not understood or workable.

5. In case of interactive tests, online students are suggested to write synopsis answers to all the questions mailed to them. Thereafter they should see video lecture of relevant interactive test. In this process they should compare their contents and approach to writing answers.

Fee: New Candidates: Rs. 16,500.  Pay fee.     Gateway charges @ 2.36%. 

Existing Students Rs. 13,500.        Pay fee.    Gateway charges @ 2.36%. 

Cash & DD also Accepted. Online NEFT payment can be made in following account ( No charges apply)

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