Details about Online Classes

Online(Winter) Batch Starting: 4th Dec. 2020 with Paper II    Subject Sequence of winter batch: OT > OB> HRM > IRs > Paper I (FM). (In view of prelims exam preparations, classes will pause on 31st March 2021. But those appearing in Mains 2022 may continue taking the recorded classes even after March 31).

Online students are advised to take admission at least 6-10 days in advance so that study material(sent by courier) reaches them timely before commencement of the classes. 

Note : Our online classes doesn't play on Apple devices. No streaming issue with laptop, desktop, Android devices & Mac book.

Fee Rs. 62,000 for both Paper I and II (Includes/features:

1. Concept and Practice classes to building/strengthen core of the subjects, with UPSC exam focus. Special classes on connecting the subjects with Current developments in business, management and industry. Around 140 classes/ 300 hrs course for both the papers. Live Interaction for resolving doubts at Google Meet, as per need.

2. Three Level of Class tests( 55-60 Chapter Tests, 8-10 Subject Tests, 2 Comprehensive Tests) on UPSC pattern and close review/evaluation of each student's copy with feedback and marks. 

3. Supportive Study Material and regular additional handouts on new content, strictly as per UPSC syllabus. No need to refer any other book.

4. Discussion on Analytical Chapter-end questions and all/most of Past Year UPSC Questions.

5. Resolution of queries and doubts of each student personally(direct access to subject teacher on daily basis) via voice call, whatsapp, mail, video call etc between 10 am to 6 pm( Monday to Saturday). Live interaction at Google Meet for resolving student queries.

    Flexi-Options of Joining Paper I or Paper II also available:  

          # Paper  I: 42,000 (Includes Classes of Paper I, Study Material & Class Tests of both Paper I and Paper II).               # Paper  II: 42,000 (Includes Classes of Paper II, Study Material & Class Tests  of both Paper I and Paper II).

Online Admission Process:

  • <span style=">Download and Print 'Admission form(link)' Fill the form and mail the scanned copy at  
  • Mail the scan copy of any of ID Proof( Aadhaar Card or Pan Card or Voter Id or Licence etc.).
  • Deposit requisite fee in bank account( bank details given below) and mail us copy of Transaction/Money deposit slip given by bank.
  • Inform us and get confirmation of all this on 9818464467 (Mr. Narottam Kumar Singh).


Account Details:

For bank details please call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467, after mailing your admission form.

Course contents of online classes:

  1. Study material: There are 10 volumes having around 1600  total pages. Hard copy is sent to students through courier, before commencement of course.
  2. Regular handouts are given in classes. These are mailed to students at the time of classes. In case any student joins recorded classes or joins late, all the handouts till date are mailed in one go.
  3. Video lectures: these are available in both ‘live’ and ‘recorded’ mode. Student can view either as per own choice. We recommend recorded classes on account of various flexi-options of speed, time, and pauses suitable to the candidate. There are around 70-75 lectures in paper I and 60-65 lectures in paper II. Duration per lecture is around 2:00 to 2:30 hours.
  4. Regular tests (three types): matching UPSC pattern.
    1. Chapter Tests: conducted on completion of each chapter. Each test of 10-20 marks for 8 to 16 minutes.
    2. Subject Tests such as test of all chapter of OT. Similarly OB. Conducted on completion of each subject. Each Test of around 50-60 minutes covering variety of 4 to 7 questions.
    3. Comprehensive Tests of Paper I and Paper II. Conducted around 2 months before mains examination. Full syllabus test of 3 hours with 250 marks each.

Mechanism of Tests:

  • Question paper-cum-answer sheet is sent to students through email.
  • Students have to write test on ordinary paper, scan the answer and send us at  For scanning we advise Cam scanner app on mobile phone. Opt ‘magic color’ while processing scan quality.
  • We evaluate the test within 48 hours to 72 hours and mail back the evaluated copy with remarks for improvements, besides marks. Model answers are also sent.

Interaction with Teachers: Students may ask their queries though mail at, call or watsapp or sms at 9818368606 (3 pm to 6 pm daily, except Sundays) or by visiting office personally.  For administrative/technical queries call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467  between 11 am to 5 pm.

Note:- In case our content is pirated, copied, published or passed to others without our permission, civil & criminal liability arises. We have embedded security features in our lectures and other online content to trace the wrong-doer and fix liability.  

How to Prepare Commerce: details of Commerce Optional(by RS Agrawal) 

Interaction with our toppers:


Ranker's Classes

8A/37, at Round About, Hotel Crown Delux Building,

Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh- DELHI. 

(Class Venue: 2-5 minute walking distance from all GS institutes in Old Rajender Nagar)

(Nearest Metro Station: 'Karol Bagh') 

Call:  9818464467, 9818368606 (R.S. Agrawal)

HW Questions & Exercises of CSP FM(page 249-256 )

FM  Lecture on PYQs of Working Capital Management

FM  Chapter 08. Class Lecture on Merger & Acquisitions

Class on basics(of Cash Flow & Funds Flow Analysis)