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Commerce & Accountancy' 

 Course duration: Approx 150 classes spread over 5-6 months. Course Validity 9 months. App based Live(at 11 am to 1:30 pm) and Recorded classes available (as per student's time convenience). See classes as per Your Time, Your Speed, Your pace. No limit on number of views, but hours limited for fair use (i.e. Live + Recorded)180 hours for single Paper. 360 Hours for both the papers. Hours extendible by 25%, only in case of need). Additional Live classes are held at Google Meet to take student's doubts and discuss new questions and concepts.

Batch starting dates:  

Batch IV: Commencing 22nd August 2022. Starting Paper II with Organisation Theory(Course to be completed by Feb(end) 2023. Subject Sequence: OT > OB> HRM> IRs > Tax & FM > Cost > Audit > Accounts). 'Course Contents or Details' given below on this page.

Batch V: Commencing 11th October 2022. Starting Paper II with HRM. (Course to be completed by March(end) 2023. Subject Sequence:  HRM> IRs > Tax & FM > Cost > Audit > Accounts >OT > OB). 'Course Contents or Details' given below on this page.

Batch VI: Commencing 5th December ( 22th November ) 2022. Starting Paper I with FM .(Course to be completed as follows: FM > Cost > Audit > Accounts >OT > OB > by March 2023. No Classes in April & May 2023.  Tax, HRM and IRs to be taken after prelims in July-August 2023). 'Course Contents or Details' given below on this page.

Class time for all batches: 11 am to 1:30 pm. Duration 5.5 months. Classes 6 days/week. Sunday off.

Course Content or details:

1. Concept and Practice classes to build/strengthen core of the subjects, with UPSC exam focus. Special classes are held for connecting the subjects with Current developments in business, management and industry. Around 150 classes / 300 hrs course for both the papers. Around 80 lectures in paper I and 70 lectures in paper II. Duration per lecture is around 2:00 to 2:30 hours. Online students may devise and follow their own study plan by watching recorded lectures. We provide both live & recorded classes. For better learning we recommend recorded class as it provides many flexi-options to the students such as speed changes, taking break in between class, repeating any concept, customisation of watching time and pace etc. 

2. Three Level of Class tests on UPSC pattern and close review/evaluation of each student's copy with feedback and marks. There are 50 Chapter Tests, 9 Subject Tests and 2 Comprehensive Tests. Mechanism of conducting class tests for online students is as follows: 1. Question paper-cum-answer sheet is sent to students through email. 2.Students have to write test on ordinary paper, scan the answer and send us at  3. We evaluate the test within 48 hours to 72 hours and mail back the evaluated copy with remarks for improvements, besides marks. Model answers are also sent 1-2 hours after the test.

3. Supportive Study Material and regular handouts on new content, strictly as per UPSC syllabus. No need to refer any other book. In latest study material there are 10 volume with 1700 pages in total. Hard copy is sent to students through courier immediately on admission so that it reaches to students before commencement of classes. Additional handouts that are given in Face-to-face classes are mailed to online students or annexed on Class-platform.

4. Discussion on Analytical Chapter-end questions and all/most of Past Year UPSC Questions. Both theory and numerical questions are practiced in classes.  It aims at enabling the students to have experience and confidence to handle questions in examination conditions. Discussion on question is interactive. Similar questions are asked in class tests.

5. Resolution of queries and doubts of each student personally (direct access to subject teacher on daily basis) via voice call, whatsapp, mail, video call etc between 3 pm to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday) at 9818368606. Live doubt class is held for addressing student queries at Google Meet after gap of 3 to 4 days.  Students may also ask their queries though mail at also or by visiting office personally. For administrative/technical queries call Mr. Narottam at 9818464467  between 11 am to 5 pm. 

Classes are held Six Days in a Week. Sunday off.

Fee Rs. 64,000 for both Paper I and Paper II.

Flexi-Options of Joining Paper I or Paper II also available:  

  # Paper  I: Rs. 42,000 (Includes Classes of Paper I, Study Material & Class Tests of both Paper I and Paper II).         # Paper  II: Rs. 42,000 (Includes Classes of Paper II, Study Material & Class Tests  of both Paper I and Paper II). 

Upgrade fee: If any student wants to upgrade to full course by joining another paper( within 12 months after joining any single paper and paying 42,000), a fee of Rs. 28,000 will be chargeable for that paper. For example a candidate joined us for Paper I  on 20 May 2022 by paying Rs. 42,000. Now he/she wants to join Paper II on 16th August, he/she will be charged additional Fee of Rs. 28,000. After 12 months full fee of single paper Rs. 42,000 will apply.

Online Admission Process:

[Online students are advised to take admission at least 6-10 days in advance so that study material (sent by courier) reaches them timely before commencement of the classes. Note:-  i-phone and i-pad not supported. Our classes stream well on all android smart-phone, tabs, laptop and desktops].

Admission Form (Link):

  • Fill the form and mail scanned copy at  
  • Also mail the scan copy of any of ID Proof (Aadhaar Card or Pan Card or Voter Id or Licence etc.).
  • Deposit requisite fee in bank account (bank details given below) and mail us copy of Transaction/Money deposit slip given by bank.
  • Inform us and get confirmation of all this on 9818464467 (Mr. Narottam Kumar Singh).
  • See your mail box for online classes account (log in id and password). Your mail id is log in Id. In case you did' t receive password, click forget password and generate new one.

Admissions open

Fee payment modes:  UPI, PhonePe, NEFT, Cash, Demand Draft, etc. After mailing your filled admission form, ask for UPI id or bank details via  whatsapp or SMS or call at 9818464467 only.  

 Online class students permitted to shift to face-to-face classes for remaining syllabus only, without any additional fee charge. 

Note:- In case our content is pirated, copied, published or passed to others without our permission, civil & criminal liability arises. We have embedded security features in our lectures and other online content to trace the wrong-doer and fix liability.  

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8A/29, 2nd Floor, Near Hotel Singh Palace Building,

Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh, DELHI 110005. 

(Class Venue: 2-5 minute walking distance from all GS institutes in Old Rajender Nagar)

(Nearest Metro Station: 'Karol Bagh') 

Call:  9818464467, 9818368606 (R.S. Agrawal)

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FM  Chapter 08. Class Lecture on Merger & Acquisitions

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