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Interaction with our highest marks scorer in commerce Ritika( 330/500 marks)

Interaction with our highest Ranker Himanshu Nagpal( Rank 26)

Interaction with our highest marks scorer in Paper II: Keshav Goel 178 marks in paper II. How did he achieve it, see his total strategy in class interaction:

Features of Regular ‘Online’ Classroom-Course: This is the most detailed classroom course. It emphasizes coverage of entire syllabus by area experts, with a pace best suited to one’s learning needs. It focuses upon current pattern of exam/questions  & level of competition. Concept focus, regular tests, numerical illustrations, real corporate practices, model answers by teachers, personalized mentoring, current commerce, interactive learning … are core features of this course. For online classes our modes of communication will be:

     • Video lectures                 ( both live and recorded)
     • Telephonic conversation ( 3 pm to 6 pm daily, except Sunday)
     • Email                              (at  rankersias@gmail.com), SMS  and Watsapp 
at 9818368606
     • Study material                (sent through courier in advance)
     • Test Papers                     ( scan copy received and sent via mail).

In detail the approach will be as follows:                           Link for How to approach Online Classes(word file)

Video lectures: Video lectures are available both live and recorded as per choice of the student. Students are advised to view lectures regularly having note book alongside. Important points should be noted like any face-to-face class. You can view the lecture at your pace. Normally the duration per lecture will be 2 hour 15 minutes. Study material will be sent to students before class timely. To view lectures students should login their account. Account details are sent at registered mail id. Lectures will be available for view for at least 30 days from the date of uploading or course duration, whichever is later. Course duration for single paper is 3.5 months. For both papers it is 6 months. Course duration is counted from the date student joins the course.
Note:- Lectures are neither downloadable nor copy-able. It is in the interest of both student (academic edge) and Rankers Classes. If multi-users are identified on one account or lecture content is pirated, account may be locked.

Email, SMS and Watsapp: these are preferred ways of communication with teachers, as teacher can respond well as per his/her ease. After raising query student should wait as teachers will respond queries at their ease and at the earliest. If no response is received for 24 hours, students should feel free to remind the teacher about the query.

Telephonic conversation: Teachers will try to explain concepts in suitable details, despite that, if queries arise we appreciate students to raise their queries. Specific queries may be mailed, sms or watsapp. General queries involving dialogue can be raised on teacher mobile. R.S. Agrawal at 9818368606. Contact number of other teachers will be informed in due course. (Query time 3 pm to 6 pm daily, Monday to Saturday).

Study material: Hard copy of latest study material will be sent through courier timely before the class. Updates will be e-mailed. In case of non-receipt of material, inform Mr. Narottam Kumar Singh at 9818464467( 10 am to 5 pm).

Test papers: Students are advised to write tests as per coverage of syllabus without delay. Questions for the tests will be sent through mail or watts-app. If you see any test question taken in the class, do not wait for mail or watsapp, just write and send it. Answer sheet should be scanned clearly by using the app Cam-scanner. Written copy should be e-mailed at rankersias@gmail.com. Students can expect copy to be evaluated within 3 days and back by email. Student may raise query on remarks given by the teacher. 

New Batches for Commerce & Accounting in Online mode

Batch 2: 26th July 2019: Starting with Paper I

Live lectures at: 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Recorded lectures thereafter as per students own time.

Batch 3: 26th August 2019: Starting with Paper II

Live lectures at: 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Recorded lectures thereafter as per students own time.

Batch 4: Ist October 2019: Starting with Paper II

Live lectures at: 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Recorded lectures thereafter as per students own time.

Admissions are open for all the courses

Admission form for online candidates Please fill the form and mail the scanned copy at   rankersias@gmail.com  Deposit requisite fee in bank account( bank details at end of this page). Payment may be made immediately through payment-gateway. In that case gateway charges @ 2.36% shall apply.


                                                        PAPER I: AROUND 70 LECTURES OF 2.5 HOURS EACH.

                                                        PAPER II: 60 LECTURES OF 2.5 HOURS EACH

Fee & Charges: (Includes: Concept & Practice Classes, Complete Study Material, Regular Class Tests, Two Comprehensive Tests and Discussion on Analytic Questions)

        Full Course (Paper I and Paper II ) 56,000.

  • Paper II:  36,000 (Includes Classes and Tests of Paper II, Study Material of both Paper I and Paper II).                                                                                                                      
  • Cash & DD also Accepted. 
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  • Bank Account Details for NEFT payment( no Charges apply):


'Rankers Classes' 

Current Account No. 21310200019584

Bank of Baroda

Kingsway Camp Branch

IFSC Code: BARB0TRDKIN (Fifth Character is zero)  


Link for Payment Gateway(Pay Immediately) Charges @ 2.36% Apply)

 Full Course (Paper I and Paper II ) Rs. 56,000.Pay Fee. 
 Paper I:  Fee Rs. 36,000Pay fee. 
Paper II:  Fee Rs. 36,000 Pay fee.  

TVM     Cash Flow Basics        WCM PYQ      M&A(read page 333 for 267 spoken in lecture)