Result 2019( Mains 2018)  

   Every Commerce candidate has reason to cheer and feel proud of result with Commerce Optional. This year our highest ranks with Commerce & Accountancy optional are

Rank     26      Himanshu Nagpal (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     88      Ritika (Regular Class room Course Student) 330 (165 + 165) marks in commerce

                       Links for Evaluated Test Copy of Ritika   Paper I     Paper  II      Marks Sheet

Rank     96      Nitesh Kumar Jain (Test Series)

Rank     111      Abhishek Jain (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     164     Pratik Jain (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     175     Priyanka Jain (Correspondence/postal Course + Test Series)

Rank     179     Vivek kumar Modi (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     207    Akshay Kabra (Test Series)

Rank     209   Ankur Jain (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     213    Keshav Goel (Regular Class room Course Student)    Class Test Copy PDF

Rank     217    Abhishek Gupta (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     241    Jay Shah (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank     275   Prashant Singla (Test Series)

Rank     317    Poorvi Garg (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank    350    Nabal Kumar Jain (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank    358   Surbhi Agarwal (Regular Class room Course Student)

Rank    518    Nikas Kumar (Correspondence/Postal Course + Test Series)

Rank    626   K. Lalit (Regular Class room Course Student)

Total 18 ranks confirmed so far. We will update our result.


Result 2018 (IAS Mains 2017)

Every Commerce candidate has reason to cheer and feel proud of result with Commerce Optional. This year our highest ranks with Commerce & Accountancy optional are

Rank    11     Siddharath Jain

Rank     15   Shivani Goel

Rank     73   Shrestha Tayal

Rank    121  Shivani Gupta

Rank    128  Abhimanu Manglik

Rank    153  Saurav Jain

Rank    271  Sanket Agrawal

Rank    315  Gaurav Garg

Rank    377   Abhisek Gupta

Rank    403   Monika Yadav

Rank    420   Shah Jay Manoj

Rank   463  Ajay Agrawal

Rank   467  Akshay Sharma

Rank    509  Harsh Garg

Rank    514  Tarun Goel

Rank    552  Raj Prashad

Rank    649  Manesh Kumar Gupta

Rank    731  Kartik

Rank    962 Manupriya

We congratulate every one. We wish a successful career. We are proud of all the stars. More confirmations are awaited. We are working to our best for those who did not qualify and plan to re-attempt. RSA

Interaction with our Classroom course student Ritika,  All India Rank 88, Highest marks in commerce( 330/500 in Mains 2018). Know her marks strategy...

Strategy Lecture on Commerce by R.S.Agrawal

Topper Talk( Shivani Goyal, AIR 15 in IAS 2017

Strategy to Prepare Commerce by our Qualified Student Sourav Jain

Our Achievements

OUR RESULT OF IAS 2016 with Commerce 

Dear all ! Marks of Our Students speak louder than their Ranks. It is combination of their hard-work and scoring nature of Commerce.  

5 candidates got more than 300 marks.

16 Candidates got more than 280 Marks.

30 Candidates got more than 250 Marks.

Details of Candidates getting 240 or more marks are as follows:

NAMEPAPER I( 250 Marks)PAPER II( 250 Marks)TOTAL(500 Marks)
Wageesh Shrotriya167149316
Rakesh Rathi*158158316
Gaurav Garg169144313
Akash Choudhary167143310
Arun Agrawal157147304
Prashant Raj Shukla155144299
Phani Sai Tondepu140157297
KMK Aswin Kumar143152295
Mohit Garg154139293
Ashis Mittal154139293

Ajay Agrawal

Harsh Vardhan Aggrawalla







Parth Gautam 157131288
Siddharth Jain156129285
Punit Daga146138284


Suarav Jain







Sakshi Kalra124152276
Ashish Ranjan135138273
Sumit Bhatia152115267
Suruchi Choudhary135131266
Harshi Jain137125262
CA Parth Beng126127253
Shreya Sharma123130253

Srikant Khimavath

Abhijeet Palod







Abhimanyu Manglik116128244
Monika Kejriwal123120243
Abhisek Gupta113129242
Tina George112128240

* Not a Student of Ranker's Classes

As per our records 21 candidates got selected finally . This number may vary, as we have yet to get final confirmations from respective students. Following candidates have confirmed their success.

Prashant Raj Shukla(Rank 64):- Selected in very first attempt with preparation in a short span of time.  We will arrange interaction with  our Rankers including Prashant Raj Shukla in last week of June or First week of July.

Suruchi Choudhary(Rank 152); 

Saurav Jain (Rank 161)

Sakshi Kalra(228);

Mohit Garg(Rank 238);

Punit Daga ( 271)


Ajay Agrawal( Rank 387);

 Sumit Bhatia(391)

Wageesh Shrotriya (559)

Akash Choudhary (Rank 640)


.......more confirmations are awaited. We will publish the names on getting confirmations by the respective candidates.


OUR RESULT OF IAS 2015 with Commerce: Selections confirmed till date.

Rank 22 Saloni Rai  Rank 63 Aayush Garg


Rank 93 Gandharva Rathore

Rank 103 Jonnalagadda Snehaja

Rank 112 Harsh Vardhan Agarwalla

Rank 166 Sumit Bhatia

Rank 181 Viswanadh R

Rank 243 Punit Daga

Rank 250 Nimit Mehta

Rank 271 Rakesh Rathi

Rank 289 Sahil Arora 

Rank 297 Rahul kumar

Rank 376 Nitin Gupta

Rank 438 Ayush Goel

Rank 546 Ajay Agrawal

Rank 592 Ankit Jalan

Rank 713 Mohit Jangid

Rank 804 Rahul Jain

OUR RESULT OF IAS 2015: Total 18 selections.

Rank 112 Harsh Vardhan Agarwalla (1st Attempt) Marks in Commerce 135 + 143 = 278

Rank 63 Aayush Garg (1st Attempt) Marks in Commerce 134 + 130 = 264


OUR RESULT OF IAS 2014 (Result 4th July 2015) : Total 18 selections.

RANK 50    KRANTI KUMAR PATI (First Attempt)   228 Marks in Commerce (117 + 111)

RANK 59    PRIYANKA MEHTANI (Second Attempt) 290 Marks in Commerce (152 + 138)

RANK 128   MAYUR KUMAR MORE (First Attempt) 267 Marks in Commerce (123 + 144)

Besides three ranks above, 15 more candidates have so far being matched with our records**, including Sohrab Singh Chauhan( 141+141 marks in commerce), Abhisekh Goel, Shruti Hankare, Sumit Bhatia, Devendra Chodha, Rahul Saraf ... to mention few. Many deserving candidates did not qualify particularly Amol Deshmukh(284 Marks in Commerce in Mains'14), Sumanth Sharma (290 marks in commerce), Abhisekh Ranjan, Saloni Rai, Raj Karan Agrawal*, Parth Gautam Sharma* Prashant Dalmia, Ayush mention few. We pledge to work harder with renewed focus to get desired and deserved.   

* Rank Improvement Effort   **Matched just names with UPSC's result sheet.

Sumit Agrawal got 303 (154 + 149) marks in Commerce with AIR 306 (# NOT A STUDENT OF RANKERS CLASSES)


We proudly declare that 16 students have yet reported their selection in IAS 2013, result declared on 12 June, 2014. These include: Divya Choudhary, Monika Gupta, Parth Gautham (240 marks in commerce), Sumit Bhatia, Raj Karan Agrawal (273 Marks in Commerce), Sarika Jain (144 marks in Paper II ), Harshit Jain, Rohit Khare, Neha Sharma, Ajay Sjharma to mention few.  Many deserving candidates did not qualify including Sorabh Singh Chauhan, Saurabh Desmukh, Ashima Garg, Priyanka Mehtani, Aprajita Agrawal,... We shall prepare more strongly and sharply get the desired and deserved.[ R.S.Agrawal]

Performance of our students in IAS 2012 has been much inspiring with 17 candidates

qualifying out of 45 appeared in Mains and 28 appeared in interview. This year our Stars

include Nitin Singhania (Rank 51 COMMERCE + ECONOMICS), Aman Gupta (Rank 57

 COMMERCE + LAW) and Divya Mittal (Rank 68). Credit goes to their hard-work, dedication and intelligence.

   Performance of our students in IAS 2011 has been remarkable including topper with Commerce from Ranker's Classes. These are:  Rank 13 Namit Mehta (Marks in Commerce Paper I -193, Paper II -194. Total marks in Commerce=387). Besides above, our students also secured 9 more ranks including Rajiv Wadhera, Prashant Jain, Abhisekh Jain, Vipul Goel, Santhil R. and Divya Mittal...)

Wonder of Marks in Commerce in Mains 2011 : Krishna Reddy: 230 marks in Paper I. Abhisek Jain 204 marks in paper I. Average Marks 350 plus. 

Our Previous Result in IAS/Civil Services is as follows:

Batch  (Year)                 Name                                                                 All India Rank

2010                               Ravi Dhawan                                                            6
2010                               Ghanshyam Bansal                                                93

2010                               Deepak Soni                                                         120
2010                               Namit Mehta                                                        430
2010                               B S Anand                                                             515
2010                               Srikant Jhawar                                                     541
2010                               Pulkit Singhal                                                       589
2010                               Aman Gupta                                                         793
2010                               Ajoy Prasad                                                          803
2009                               Ravi Dhawan                                                          93
2009                               Manveet Singh Sehgal                                        148
2009                               Poonam                                                                 194
2009                               Ajoy Prasad                                                          342
2009                               Ghanshyam Bansal                                              583
2009                               Prashant Singhania                                              686
2009                               Manish                                                                 813
2008                               Shilpa Gorisaria                                                     25
2008                               Harpreet Kaur                                                     143
2008                               7 Other Ranks.
2007                               Khusboo Goyal                                                     10
2007                               Sonal Goyal                                                           13
2007                               Harsha Mangla                                                     39

2007                               Anupam Agrawal                                                 103
2007                               Eight Other Ranks (276, 317, 330, 334, 428, 437, 563 & 581)
2006                               Arvind Agrawal                                                      9
2006                               Pawan Kumar                                                      102
2006                               Five other Ranks (158, 185, 249, 398 and 459)
2005                               Six ranks (138, 148, 262, 270, 325 and 370)
2004                               Rahul Jain                                                             24
2004                               Vipul Bansa                                                          65
2004                               Five Other Ranks (148, 228, 252,   349 and 389)
2003                               Mandeep Kaur                                                     22
2003                               Saumya Gupta                                                      46

2003                               Rajesh Ojha                                                          96
2003                               4 other ranks
2002                               Saumya Gupta                                                     133
2001                               Vijay Singh                                                           275

2000                               Naveen Jain                                                          27

Marks Obtained by our Students in Last IAS Exam are:

Qualified Students                                
Marks   377   Ravi Dhawan 
Marks   373   Deepak Soni
Marks   372   Ghanshyam Bansal
Marks   352   Namit Mehta
Marks   328   Aman Gupta
Marks   322   Ajoy Prasad
Marks   320   B. S. Anand
Marks   317   Pulkit Singhal

Marks   315   Srikant Jhawar

Besides above those who didn't qualify got good marks in Comerce incl. 360, 356, 325 and so on
Paper II marks include: 209, 201, 198 and 190

                                                  Ranker's Classes Proud of these Students 

Contact us at:

Ranker's Classes

8A/37, at Round About, Hotel Crown Delux Building,

Channa Market, WEA, Karol Bagh- DELHI. 

(Class Venue: Old Rajender Nagar Market. 2-4 minute walking distance from all GS institutes in Old Rajender Nagar)

(Nearest Metro Station: 'Karol Bagh') 

Call:  9818464467, 9818368606 (R.S. Agrawal)